The root cause of the crisis in the North East of Nigeria lies in education and a rapidly unfolding demographic disaster as opposed to a demographic dividend. It is therefore necessary to focus on the education sector holistically in order to proffer solutions and strategies going forward. As the Nigerian Government demonstrates high level political will in tackling all aspects of the humanitar- ian situation. It becomes important as more immediate life saving interventions are implemented and needs met, that the education sector revives a renewed focus. There is a need for decisive and innovative yet practical strategies to address both demand and supply aspects of this education crisis. Therefore, the deliberations and recommendations from the session will be collated into a report to be adopted as an advocacy tool globally.

In the wake of this Special Session, “Education in Emergencies: A Critical Dialogue Addressing Root Causes #GirlChild”, a continuous, collaborative engagement with all stakeholders will be sustained. The central proposition is that the tide on the deplorable state of education in the region is turned and the foundation for a better, more resilient future is established.